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Marlene Montes is a passionate storyteller whose versatility as an actress has garnered her opportunities to perform and live on both coasts and many cities in between. Originally from Tucson, AZ, Marlene Montes is a first generation Mexican-American currently living in Southern California, who is grateful for any opportunity to represent her community in the entertainment industry.  


Marlene is continually evolving as an artist and considers herself a journeyman actress that has appeared in one-woman shows, numerous regional productions of both plays and musicals, originating roles in various workshops and readings. She is constantly open to new opportunities and challenges herself to take on new creative endeavors with passion and boldness.

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Marlene is currently playing Camila Rosario in Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center's production of In the Heights! Thank you OnStage Colorado for the wonderful review, "Paul Aguirre and Marlene Montes as Nina’s parents are governed by their desire for Nina to finish college and have mixed feelings about this new relationship. Marlene finally has enough of the family bickering and demands “Enough” of her husband and daughter in a thrilling performance that rocks the room." Read the full review HERE.

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"Marlene Montes played Ruth with gusto, especially in the second act when Abate made the character rejoin the pirate band as a full-fledged pirate. Montes’s energy and exuberance in the role was one of the production’s most memorable aspects." ~ Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

"Montes is a study in contrasts. She is the hopeful spinster who deliberately deceives a man twenty-six years her junior, but when scorned, she becomes a satirical powerhouse. Like any good nursemaid, Montes is forever teaching her charge a lesson and sometimes takes indecent glee in the process."~ Front Row Reviewers


“Another gem is Marlene Montes as Soyla, the stylish, bombastic hairdresser who joins the band because “Why not?” She’s hilarious, independent and full of sisterly advice, which matures from light-hearted and silly to tear-jerking and soulful when she advises Isabel about her splintering love life.


Although Soyla doesn’t get much stage time, she shines enough to leave a mark as bright as her crimson suits.”~ Downtown

“...alluring and uninhibited.”~ Broadway



"Marlene Montes is quirky and funny as Paulette, the heart-of-gold hairstylist who builds Elle’s confidence."~ The San Diego Union Tribune

"Marlene Montes is memorable as the wisecracking, but issued Paulette."~ San Diego CityBeat


"Marlene Montes is a delight as the hopeful and helpful Irish-loving hairdresser, Paulette.”~ Times of San Diego 

“Montes is wonderful. Even though she channels Jennifer Coolidge, the role's originator, she adds her own dynamic personality to make the role her own.”~ Village News


"Big-voiced Marlene Montes amuses as gossipy hairdresser Daniela." ~ The San Diego Tribune


"Savor the comic timing of Marlene Montes as Daniela the hairdresser."~ San Diego Story

"Marlene Montes is red hot, let me tell you."~ Village News

“In the Heights’” players on stage are many, but very worthy of note are… Marlene Montes as the sassy but indomitable unisex salon owner Daniela.” ~ Stage West

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Marlene Montes "is spirited and endearing with impressive pipes!"~ The San Diego Union Tribune

"Marlene Montes is dazzling as sexy Ginger Brooks and wows the crowd with her rendition of “Blues in the Night. Powerful!" ~ The San Diego Reader

"Marlene Montes is a hoot!"~ San Diego Jewish World

"Sultry-voiced Marlene Montes does a hilariously sexy turn on a commercial for Eskimo pies, as well as her knockout number, “Blues in the Night…”~ KSDS-FM


"Both funny and heart-rending, “Extreme Makeover” didn’t even feel like a reading, so in-the-moment and committed was its cast. Marlene Montes as a widowed mother desperate for help to rebuild her family’s life and Catalina Maynard as a skeptical grandmother gave performances that transcended the forced distance of Zoom theater." ~ David L. Coddon, San Diego Union Tribune

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